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Aventurine (Green)is a stone known to protect, activate, and clear the heart chakra. Those with heart problems often turn to the stone’s healing qualities of strength and stability. Green Aventurine not only encourages regeneration, but is also thought to be a stone of comfort and balance.

Chakras - Heart Chakra
Zodiac - Aries, Leo
Element - Earth

Amber Wood helps balances emotions and clears the mind. The oldest amber wood discovered on Earth is about 320 million years old. Imagine the incredibly powerful energy this amber wood contains!

Chakras - Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Throat Chakra Zodiac - Leo, Aquarius
Element - Fire

Comfort Zone **SOLD OUT**

  • Green Aventurine, Striped Amber Wood, Glass Stretch Band
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