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Be You.....

Canadian Designer, Rachel Evans was born in Peterborough Ontario, but has been a St. Catharines resident since College, over a decade ago. Her background is in International business but her love for design has always been her passion. She is constantly looking for ways to explore different avenues and techniques. 


Rachel started creating one-of-a-kind handmade pieces out of her home a year after having her first son. Five years of beading & shows, Hollow Tree has become a local known name and is now available in stores across Ontario.


She loves to design jewellery that is unique and complimenting. The future of Hollow Tree is to emphasize the way her jewellery makes the wearer feel good by expanding to other locations. She wants her jewellery to show the beauty of simplicity. Inspiration is drawn from many sources such as woodland areas of the Kawarthas, rusty farm sheds, fields of grape vines, to the beautiful beaches of Barbados, influencing colours, shapes, styles and design. Accessories should be a statement, easy to wear, comfortable, affordable and instantly recognizable... to only wear what you love.


This journey has become such a blessing and she can't wait to see what the future holds for Hollow Tree!

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